How it Works


Either or all parties may initiate Family Mediation by contacting one of our mediators. Once all parties have verified their interest in mediation, they will receive a mediation contract to review.

Once the mediation contract is signed and a retaining fee is received, , the parties proceed with a pre-mediation by each participating in an interview (approximately 1 hour) with the mediator.

If the parties agree to move forward then a joint-mediation would begin. The joint-mediation is attended by all parties and is usually 2 hours in length. Please note that parties may voluntarily withdraw from the joint-mediation anytime during the process.

Once the joint-mediation is complete, a mediation agreement is drawn up and may be developed into a court order.

For Parenting Coordination/Arbitration, Kloberdanz Mediation accepts referrals either through court order or of voluntary initiation by interested parties. The process is very similar to the Family Mediation process except with Parenting Coordination/Arbirtration, parties require legal counsel to prepare a lawyer’s certificate when they sign the contract.